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Cha Cha

This Cuban dance is an offshoot of Mambo and was first popularized in the mid-1950's. Energetic, stylish, and cheeky, the cha-cha is a perfect partner dance for everyone. Dancers of all levels can have a great time learning the basics or mastering the fine points.

East Coast Swing

This circular dance is frequently referred to as Triple Step swing due to the rhythm of the basic triple step. This dance consists of six and eight count patterns, which require a rock step back by both man and woman to begin. East Coast swing is the base for all swing dances.


With its easy pace and fluid, seductive movements, Rumba is an attractive style for dancers of all abilities. The slowest of the competition Latin and American dances, Rumba is distinguished by its romantic feel and continuous flowing movement, exemplified by a sensuous swaying of the hips.


Salsa is one of the world's most famous dances. A spicy blend of Cuban and African influences, Salsa is a fantastic style for dancers just starting out, and challenging enough to keep even pros coming back for more. Advanced dancers will delight in the flourish and excitement of improvisation, while beginners will be pulling off thrilling spins and dips at the nightclub in no time. Everyone can get wrapped up in the sensation that Salsa moves create on the dance floor.


Based on the intense fusion of Cuban and swing music, Mambo has been an international phenomenon since the 1940's, but has achieved fame in movies like Mambo Kings and Dirty Dancing. It is a fast pace dance with fast footwork and lots of spins.


Samba is a fun and lively dance of Brazilian origin, with its roots deep in Africa. A fun solo or partner dance, Samba is free-flowing, energetic, and upbeat. Samba involves some fast and fancy footwork, and a bouncing action through the bending and straightening of the knees. Samba can be danced competitively, but is also a fun and relatively straightforward style for beginning dancers to pick up


Bolero music is slow and romantic, often accompanied by Spanish vocals and soft percussion. Believed to have evolved from Spanish and Afro-Cuban folk dances, Bolero is often referred to as the Cuban Dance of Love. It is a dance that captures sensuality, romance and slow rhythmic movements..