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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a partner?

A: No partner is necessary as you will find yourself dancing in the arms of your own instructor.

Q: What shoes should I wear?

A: Wear shoes that are comfortable and stay securely on the foot (avoid flip flops). It is best to wear shoes that will slide on a wood floor - try to avoid wearing shoes with a sole made of rubber or other material that will grip the floor. A slight heel is nice for ladies. If you decide to continue your lessons regularly, we recommend purchasing ballroom dance shoes with a suede sole.

Q: What clothing should I wear?

A: Your normal clothes are fine to start out. Wear something that makes you feel good and is easy to move in. Ladies may wear a skirt if desired, a longer skirt is traditional for ballroom and a shorter skirt for latin. We often recommend wearing the sort of clothing you might find yourself wearing in a nice restaurant, after all, that's the sort clothing you will often find wearing when you're out for a night of dinner and dancing! 

Q: What dances do you teach?

A: We specialize in partner dancing and teach all the traditional ballroom and Latin dances. We are certified in both International and American style, and teach all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced competitive dancers. See our dances we teach page for more information!

Lessons are taught Monday - Friday with the first lesson starting at 1pm and the last lesson starting at 8pm most evenings.  Call us to schedule your first lesson today!