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Career Opportunities 

Are you energetic?  How about driven, fun-loving, bubbly, excitable, outgoing, and focused?  Would you say you are a hard worker? Are you athletic, organized, meticulous, nerdy, popular, trendy, social butterfly, fearless, courteous, respectful, theater-loving, youthful, knowledgeable, a leader, a world-improver, a trained or UNtrained dancer?

If any of those words define any part of you, you might be an ideal candidate for the best job in the universe.

Do you love to party? Do you love to go to work at 12 pm? Do you love to go to work and feel like it's not work? Do you like to travel? Are you a teacher? Do you want to be? Would you like to share your gifts to make the world a better place?

Come and work for Metro Atlanta's latest and greatest ballroom dance studio, The Ballroom Institute!

Learn the art of social dancing- ballroom, Latin, swing, salsa, country, argentine - and pass it on to the world, one dance lesson at a time. As an Instructor here, YOU WILL BECOME AN AWESOME DANCER; what will make the career for you, though, is your hard work and your high-quality service to your students. If you're ready to dig in, emailus personally about how to begin training to be a dance instructor with

The Ballroom Institute, one of the best moves you'll make in your life.